michael o’neill

Mike PhotoHere’s what Michael’s Save the Children colleagues have to say (January 2015):

Michael is extremely passionate about the SCI mandate. Keep being so passionate!

Michael is an inspirational leader and an enabler. He creates a learning culture that supports the development of his staff and improves the performance of the entire team. He takes responsibility for helping to build organisational capabilities to meet current and future S&S challenges. Senior managers look up to Michael for leadership, guidance and professional support.

Michael is innovative, adaptable and flexible in approach and nurtures innovation and creativity in his team. He promotes a culture where new ideas are encouraged and learns from failures. He sponsors initiatives to ensure that people, processes and technology create an agile organisation, responding quickly to external events and changes.

Michael is highly respected and viewed as a leading professional in the INGO S&S management sector. His ability to influence and network with other professionals in the sector helps SCI in managing its S&S risks more effectively and gives us a prominent profile.

Michael is a very special and outstanding resource for SCI. He is recognized as a premiere NGO S&S expert with linkages beyond the NGO sector to include universities, and other professional institutions. Very talented with a wealth of knowledge on the subject of safety & security.

Michael has established and oversees a S&S system that has the respect of the professional S&S sector. He has built an effective system built around acceptance as the guiding principle. He has an extensive set of contacts which he taps on a regular basis to augment the system & structure that he has put in place.

Michael responds quickly to crisis situations and provides very thoughtful and well-structured guidance on how to respond and deal with these. His facilitation skills are highly developed as reflected in his coordination of Crisis Management Teams.